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We're looking forward to our 2022 season with performances being held at the Golden Grove Arts Centre from Wednesday 19th October to Saturday 22nd October, 2022.

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2021 Season

Our 2021 season featured "Power Preparatory and Another Side of Hollywood".

Uniform? Check! Schoolbag? Check! Death Ray? Uhh….check?

Tensions are high at Power Preparatory. The Heroes are sick of the Villains and their evil plans. The Villains have had enough of being picked on by the Heroes. And the sidekicks— well, they’re just kind of there. How will the school counsellor keep everything under control? What will it take to make everyone work together? Come along and find out with the students and teachers of Power Preparatory.

The glitz. The glamour. The FAME. But someone has to make them look that good! Welcome to Studio 48, where the magic happens. Written and directed by the Scouts Shouts Young Directors, you’ll join our live studio audience and witness the behind the scenes action, on set drama and actors doing their own stunts! The film industry as you know it will be flipped upside down as we take you on a tour of Another Side of Hollywood.


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